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There is an adage that everyone has at least one novel inside of them. 

I have several. Many in fact.

Below you’ll find summaries to my constant works in progress along with links to resources and updates.

Going Crazy (working title)

Genre: Contemporary romance

Summary: Alex Montgomery is a 40 something virtual assistant who live-in nowhere Michigan and may possibly be in love with her best friend, Seth. They’ve had their sexual tension moments and Alex needs to decide if she wants to admit the truth she loves him or lose him forever. She’s also struggling with her mental illness and her fading dream of becoming a printmaker. Alex has a lot going on and she really needs to fight for herself. The question is: can she do it?

Ruby Hart Takes a Photograph (working title)

Genre: Cozy historical mystery (possible series)

Summary: It’s 1911 London and Ruby Hart is an aging stage actress. Instead of going into the movies, she decides to retire and pick up photography. One day, while taking photos of the locals, she accidentally photographs a murder and now she is determined to find out who killer is before she’s next.

Live and Let Lola (badly titled working title)

Genre: 1920s noir (possible series)

Summary: Lola ? (haven’t figured out last name yet) is a female detective in an unnamed big city in the 1920s. Her right hand woman is accused of murdering her husband while Lola’s ex-lover now nemesis has disappeared and is wanted by the local mob. As Lola puts together the puzzles, she realizes the both instances are connected. Can she solve them before she finds herself at the bottom of the river?

The Magic of Maeve Fletcher (working title)

Genre: paranormal mystery (possible series)

Summary: Right now I’m working on world and the synopsis. What I do know is that she’s a 40 something who lives in a small town in MI and becomes an accidental PI. Paranormal elements will be figured in somehow.

Stella Matthews Makes a Decision (working title)

Genre: women’s fiction

Summary: Stella Matthews is burned out. After working in Silicon Valley for nearly 20 years, she decides she can’t take it anymore. When her boss at Let’s Get Metaphysical pushes Stella one step too far, she quits on the spot. Shortly after, Stella finds out her favorite aunt has died. Taking this as a sign to get the hell out of California, Stella closes up her apartment and drives to N. Michigan where she confronts her past and her present.